Our Telegram Views BOT :



Telegram is one of the most popular social networks in the world. This social network has over 500 million monthly active users, many people have a personal or business telegram channel in this social network.


We have designed a link so that you can increase the number of views of posts within your channel. (From 50 to 30 thousand views)

Our robot offers many possibilities:
  • Order Post Views ( order single post views )
  • Order Multi Post Views ( order multi post views )
  • Auto Post Views ( After posting each post in the channel, the views will be sent automatically )
Other parts of the robot:
  • Account ( Includes user information and the number of your coins )
  • Buy Coins ( You can buy golds with PayPal – bitcoin , … – UPI )
  • Order Tracking ( You can check the status of an order that is in progress or finished )
  • Support ( Way to communicate with support,  Telegram Support : @MichaelShf )
  • Coin Transfer ( Transfer golds to other users )
What packages are there to buy coins? ( 1 gold = 1 views )
  • 1k Charges – 3$
  • 20k Charges – 5$
  • 100k Charges – 22$
  • 500k Charges – 80$
  • 1M Charges- 150$
  • …..


Auto Post Views

One of the functional features of our robot is the ability to send Views automatically, you add the robot to your channel and any post that is placed in the channel will be visited completely automatically. (From 50 to 30 thousand views)

  • Click on 🚀 Auto post views.
  • Click on ⚡️ Register a new channel.
  • Enter the required number of hits and speed.
  • Add the bot to your channel and then forward a message from the channel to the bot.
Order Post Views

If you need to Views for a post, you can order from this section.

  • Click on 👁‍🗨 Order post Views
  • ❓ Enter the requested number of Post Views : Number between 20 to 15000
  • 💡 Please enter the speed of completing your order.
  • 👈🏻 Forward your post to increase Post Views.
    ⚡️ Completion speed: maximum speed
    ⏱ Start order: Immediate
  • ✔️ Post Views order was successfully registered.
Order Multi Post Views

If you need to Views for more than one post, this part of the robot will help you.

  • 👀 Order Multi post view
  • ❓ Enter the requested number of post views : number between 20 – 15000
  • 👈🏻 Forward selected posts
  • ✔️ Post Views order was successfully registered.