In our daily lives and businesses robots help us to do things with high speed accuracy. The robot that we have designed, will help you to control the number of views of your posts on your Telegram channel.

Our Telegram Views BOT :

( provides FREE views for all the new users )





Telegram is one of the most popular social networks that has been able to attract more than one billion monthly active users for nearly a decade.

We have provided an incredible bot so that you can increase the number of views of your posts in your channel in a blink of an eye. (From 300 to 40 thousand views)

Our robot offers many possibilities:

  • Order Single Post Views ( order views for one post )
  • Order Multi Post Views ( order views for several posts )
  • Auto Post Views ( After posting each post in the channel, the views will be sent automatically )

Other parts of the robot:

  • Account ( Includes user information and the number of your coins )
  • Buy Coins ( You can buy coins with PayPal – bitcoin , … – UPI )
  • Order Tracking ( You can check the status of an order that is in progress or finished )
  • Support ( Way to communicate with the support,  Telegram Support : @MichaelShf )

What Are The Advantages of using Telegram Views bot?

Users who use Telegram as income-generating know exactly how important the validity of a Telegram channel can be, which is why visiting Telegram is an important thing because its subcategory is valid, users who enter a channel first look at its visit and then decide whether to be on that channel or not. If you enter a store channel, if the channel visits its posts, you will trust better than the channel that has no visit, then if you are active in the field of earning money from Telegram, first by purchasing a view for telegram post, you will gain the trust of others.


why is it so important to have high views on our posts?

Suppose you have entered an advertising channel and you can see that the number of views of the last post of that channel is much less than the members of that channel, in this case you will be colder and your sense of trust will be colder than the channel whose number of views like its members is high, so the newly established channels to succeed must first buy a view for telegram post. to make them more successful.


What is the impact of the number of visits on channel activity?

Visiting telegram channel posts shows the activity of your members and if the activity of members as visitors is low, over time your channel activity will decrease and you cannot manage the channel, so you should pay attention to this issue. To keep track of the number of views, you can buy a small number of views and keep the channel’s credibility at a high level. As the number of channel posts increases, your channel’s credibility increases and the path to achieving your goals falls short and you reach your goals in a shorter time.


What packages are there to buy coins on @Eagleviewsbot ? ( 1 coin= 1 view )

  • 5k Charges – FREE
  • 20k Charges – 5$
  • 100k Charges – 22$
  • 500k Charges – 80$
  • 1M Charges- 150$
  • …..

* If you want to test the function of our robot, all you have to do is start the robot in Telegram and use the free initial coins to test it. (the free coins are automatically added to your account and you do not need to message us.)


Auto Post Views

One of the functional features of our robot is the ability to send Views automatically, you add the robot to your channel and any post that is placed in the channel will be visited  automatically according to the number of views you have requested. (From 300 to 40 thousand views)

  • Click on ? Auto post views.
  • Click on ⚡️ Register a new channel.
  • Enter the required number of views and speed.
  • Add the bot to your channel and then forward a message from the channel to the bot.
  • and you are all set! 🙂

Order Post Views

If you need View for a post, you can order from this section.

  • Click on ?‍? Order single post Views
  • ❓ Enter the requested number of Post Views : Number between 300 to 40000
  • ? Please enter the speed of completing your order.
  • ?? Forward your post to increase Post Views.
    ⚡️ Completion speed: maximum speed
    ⏱ Start order: Immediate
  • ✔️ Post Views order was successfully registered.

Order Multi Post Views

If you need to Views for more than one post, this part of the robot will help you.

  • ? Order Multi post views
  • ❓ Enter the requested number of post views : number between 300 – 40000
  • ?? Forward selected posts
  • ✔️ Post Views order was successfully registered.


If you need Telegram members for your channel or group, check:

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