50 $
  • 10,000 Real Telegram Channel and Group members
  • Real accounts (Force Add)
  • Fast delivery
  • For channel or group (no difference)
  • No need to username & password
  • Adding by Public link
  • Gift [ 10% More ]

Attention (1): 20% more bonus if you pay with CoinBase (BTC,USDC,ETH,…)

Attention (2): Orders are completed between 1~24h 

10 reviews for RTM10

  1. Daniel

    Great support don't miss it

    • Telegram Member

      Thank you for choosing us

  2. Pyer44

    Love it , i received more than 10k memebers

  3. Kidus fiseha

    I want to buy real members for my Channel. In Ethiopia

  4. Gary Jones

    telegram is good

  5. Esayas

    I want members Ethiopia region

    • Telegram Member

      For this service, you have to buy the product group by group, 22 dollars per thousand members

  6. mohammed


    • Telegram Member

      Thanks for use our services

  7. Ananya

    I think this is the one of a kind platform for this kind of service. Definintly recommended.

    • Telegram Member

      Thank you for choosing our services

  8. Crypto

    Awesome service real fast worked without any problems

  9. Arop

    Perfect app for new joiners

  10. Ferdinand


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