14 $
  • 2,000 Fake Telegram Channel and Group members
  • Real accounts
  • Fast delivery
  • For channel or group (no difference)
  • No need to username & password
  • Adding by Public link
  • Gift [ 10% More ]

Attention (1): 20% more bonus if you pay with CoinBase (BTC,USDC,ETH,…)

Attention (2): Orders are completed between 1~24h 

28 reviews for FTM2

  1. afra

    everything works it is good

    • Telegram Member

      Thank you for choosing us

  2. Richi

    thank you so much for delivery

    • Telegram Member

      Thank you for choosing us

  3. Hassan


  4. saif ahmed


  5. Dhruv

    This is amazing ?

    • Telegram Member

      Thank you for choosing our services

  6. Goerge


  7. swift

    thanks for the views as well

  8. Shyli

    sincere thanks!

  9. Fred

    I love your views bot bro

  10. Tony

    great services!

  11. Yaeo

    I got the views thanks

  12. Jack

    thanks boss!

  13. Fara

    you are the best

  14. Araminta

    you are the best

  15. fara

    Thanks for the fast work

  16. Miles

    you are the best

  17. Emi

    The best

  18. Margaret D. Mauro

    I live your service because it is the best and cheapest service.

  19. Mort

    Thanks for the services

  20. Jannie K. Payne

    Great service. They are actually taking this business seriously.

  21. Reed

    The service is fast and most trusted website.

  22. Julia Adams

    Thanks for the fast work

  23. Pat

    thanks guys

  24. Charley

    A very nice market for Telegram.

  25. James

    Everything works it is good

  26. Stuart

    I got the members thanks

  27. Bell

    Good service

  28. Ramsey

    Very very good and oky vebsait

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