After submitting Telegram in exchange for users’ requests for sharing or the same folder of group and chat channels, this option has finally been added in version 6 of Android and iPhone, and it has been well received.

For several years, users have been asking Telegram to categorize the conversation into the original Telegram, but I don’t know why Telegram finally gave up after 6 years and has provided the ability to fold the conversations. However, many say that the design of the chat category has copied from unofficial telegrams such as Plus Messenger.

If you have too many chats, you can now separate chats from groups and channels. Then drag your finger between the tabs to quickly access each of your chats.

Category (folder) Telegram chats

To categorize or fold chats, open the Telegram drop-down menu by tapping the top three lines on the left, and then click Setting. On the Settings page, click Folders.


In the opened page, there are some recommended folders that you can use to categorize your chats if you wish. The Unread folder is not read for categorizing messages, and the Personal folder is for categorizing personal messages. Click Create New Folder to add other categories.


On this page, click Add Chats to create a new folder and select the category type. By tapping Groups, groups are placed in this folder, by tapping Channels, channels are placed in this folder, by tapping Bots, robots are placed in this folder, by tapping Contacts, contacts are placed in this folder, and by tapping Non Non-contact contacts are included in this folder. After selecting the categories, write a name for your folder and click Save.

You can select a combination of these conversations or just one type in each folder. For example, you can put a combination of channel and group conversations in a folder, or just put groups in a folder.

In addition, you can also create custom folders. You can categorize up to 100 conversations in each folder. You can create folders with custom conversations by tapping on channels, groups, and. At the bottom. For example, you can create folders called my favorites, movies, musics, media, news, etc., which is a combination of groups, channels, and so on.